Collection & processing of solid waste

With responsibility and safety we are active in the collection and processing of solid waste and recyclable materials in Northern Greece. We have the capacity to provide you waste management solutions, absolutely adapted to the type and size of your enterprise.

Based on your special needs, we provide you the appropriate equipment, as well as a specialized staff, so that you can benefit from integrated solutions of waste collection. In parallel, we are at your disposal and we can provide you services every day and every hour.

More particularly:

  • We visit your space and prepare the necessary study for the evaluation of the generated waste.
  • We proceed to the installation of the equipment that is required for the collection of waste and recyclable materials.
  • We utilize all recyclable materials.
  • We offer economic programs, that are flexible and adapted to your proper needs.
  • We guarantee absolute consistency in the provided services.

See which objects we are active in:

  1. Waste Collection and Transport

We collect and transport the solid waste that is generated during the operation of your industrial or commercial enterprise, providing reliable solutions to the problem of accumulation of waste at your space. We provide you the appropriate equipment, for the needs of your enterprise, directly and easily, so that you can only concentrate, without any distractions, on your professional occupation.


More particularly, we provide:

  • Rental of bins (skips) (open top – close top) – containers – waste compressors to industrial or commercial enterprises for the collection of waste, recyclable and building materials. The rental of bins (skips) – containers – waste compressors is necessary for every kind of activity. We have all kinds of bins (skips), so that we can meet the needs of every space.
  • Waste disposal without the use of bins (skips), with a truck equipped with a grabber mechanism, in the case of a high volume of accumulated waste.
  1. Waste Sorting
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste

From the sorting of these materials we can recover packaging paper, various kinds of plastic and wood packages.

  • Urban Waste

For the sorting of urban (municipal) waste we are cooperating with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation at the Recyclable Materials Sorting Center (RMSC) of the company.

The following materials are produced:

  • Packaging cardboard
  • Mixed papers (school books, newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Carton packaging for juices – milk (TETRA PAK)
  • Aluminum cans (soft drinks)
  • Tin cans (preserves)
  • PET Packaging
  • PP & PE Packaging (detergents etc.)
  • Glass packaging
  • Hard plastics (crates)
  • Soft plastics (nylon of various shades)
  1. Wrapping and forwarding for recycling

The aforementioned materials are wrapped following international procedures and standards and are then forwarded to recycling plants, on the domestic or international market.